About RespondencyWest

RespondencyWest is a unique lecture and reading salon modeled on the highly successful Influency series organised by Margaret Christakos. We share her enthusiasm for critical engagement with poetry and her desire to foster a connection between writers and readers. With this in mind, we are offering lectures and public readings once a week during the months of October and November. Each night will feature an intro by facilitators Jason Christie and Jordan Scott, an original an original 30-minute lecture by one of the participating poets on the work of one of their colleague poets, and a half-hour live reading by the poet under discussion. To round out each night, a dedicated period for discussion will follow to give everyone a chance to offer insights and share thoughts.

Participants in RespondencyWest read a book of poetry each week to prepare for the evening`s guest poet. In the week after a lecture – reading, participants are encouraged to compose written responses to the poetics and the ideas encountered during class. Participants are encouraged to post (to the RespondencyWest blog), email, or orally present their responses in order to increase the complexity and dynamism of the dialogue. This, of course, is optional.


We have another incredible lineup this year!

* Marie Annharte Baker* Peter Culley * Kevin McPherson Eckhoff * Maxine Gadd * Jake Kennedy * Kim Minkus * George Stanley *

Location:  The People’s Coop Bookstore, 1391 Commercial Drive (except November 25th which will be at Spartacus Books)

Facilitators: Jason Christie and Jordan Scott.
Contact: respondencywest@gmail.com.



* Oana AVASILICHIOAEI * Ken BELFORD * Stephen COLLIS * Kim DUFF * Larissa LAI * Lisa ROBERTSON * Rita WONG *

Location: 112 West Hastings

Facilitators: Jason Christie and Jordan Scott.
Contact: respondencywest@gmail.com.

We are proud to be a part of the KSW (Kootenay School of Writing) and we gratefully acknowledge the support of The Canada Council for the Arts.


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